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2011-01-24, 21:45
I purchased a ReadyNAS Duo 2-bay last summer with 1TB. I then purchased a squeezebox wi fi radio with wireless music player. I loaded my 500GB of music onto my ReadyNAS. I then connected both the squeezebox and readynas to my network. I updated the latest software and made sure that the squeezebox software was on the nas. I then scanned the drive and it scanned the songs, artists and then the artwork. I am using a Macbook to access everything.

So, everything should be working... Well, when I click on artists in the main squeezebox page, it takes 1 minute for the artists to load. I then went into the artists and it took at least 4 minutes to pull up music beginning in J. I then tried W, it took 4 minutes, and pulled up the wallflowers. I was able to play the wallflowers song. I then tried the letter L, it looked for 5 minutes, then gave me an error. I am at wits end and really need help. I think the ready nas is fine. I can go into my apple finder and pull up the songs and play them on itunes almost immediately. So, I think the ready nas is fine. Can you help me in any way? Thank you!

2011-01-24, 23:26
No need to cross-post.

Mark Miksis
2011-01-24, 23:36
Closed. See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=85061