View Full Version : Is it best to uninstall 7.5.2 first?

2011-01-24, 17:10
Before installing the new 7.5.3 version, should 7.5.2 be totally uninstalled in the with

Windows control panel? ( add/delete programs)

2011-01-24, 18:12
I installed 7.5.3 right over 7.5.2 with no problem. No need to uninstall; just run the downloaded installer. I'm on WinXP.

2011-01-24, 18:26
Thank you. Will Squeezeboom automatically update?

2011-01-24, 22:56
The boom will update...

2011-01-26, 16:59
I used the "tray" icon selection to "Install upgrade."

Seems to have done it's duty.

2011-01-30, 09:54
Is it possible to save ones (local, not MSB) favourites during an SBS upgrade?

Particularly on WHS, where the mantra seems to be uninstall previous SBS, reboot, install new SBS.

It wasn't long ago that I upgraded to 7.5.2 and recall losing all my SBS favourites, quite a PITA.

2011-01-30, 10:44
On XP when you select un-install SBS the process ends with "do you want to delete your prefs & settings"? Select NO.
With WHS, I dunno.

2011-01-30, 11:43
WHS won't install 7.5.3 unless you first uninstall the previous version...

2011-01-30, 11:58
In that case, if one wants to keep local favorites then backup the favorites.opml file before uninstalling. I don't know where it resides on WHS, but it's usually in the prefs folder. Then restore after updating SBS.