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2011-01-24, 07:03
I got a Duet last week, since then, I have up graded my modem, and router, and switch, all were 7 years old.
The cable company came out and installed an amplifier in the modem line and I now get 28kbps on a speed test.
BUT, while listening to internet radio, the receiver cuts out, a lot!
The receiver is hard wired to the switch so it is not a wifi issue. The only thing I can think, it some times my computer will "time out" while loading a page. I think there are times when my internet goes down completely. I call the cable company and they say everything is 100% but i don't really trust them either.
It this the route I should be perusing or could it be something else?
I am at a loss, I am ready to box it all up and send it back.

P.S. While attempting to post this, my computer "timed out" three times, I don't think I am chasing ghosts, am I?

2011-01-24, 08:07
I wouldn't blame the Duet when the computer has the same problem. But the bigger problem seems to be running either one on a dial-up line. The last time I had dial-up was about five years ago, and even then it was 56kbps. You're asking a lot of a 28kbps line. With DSL and other high-speed connections there's rarely a problem with internet radio cutting out.

2011-01-24, 08:18
You mention the cable company, but 28kbps is dial-up speed, and slow dial-up at that. You are unlikely to be happy listening to internet radio or other streaming media at such a slow speed, as you will get lots of dropouts, which are the audio equivalent of your web browser timing out. And actually the connection is much more critical than web browsing, because the web browser tries and re-tries many times before timing out -- on an internet radio stream you would get silence (dropouts) or "stuttering" during those re-tries.

I suggest getting a faster internet connection. If you can't do that for some reason, then you should either limit your Duet use to your own music collection, or return it. Note that one of the listed system requirements is a broadband internet connection.

2011-01-25, 08:56
I am sorry, I typoed, 28Meg.
That is a little faster......
I have fat fingers.
Amazing how I can make a typo and still have that make sense.

2011-01-25, 09:11
hmm a minor factor of difference there ;-)

As your PC is also having problems, You might get the cable company to run a diagnostic on your connection as well.

Did they also deliver your modem, router and switch?

2011-01-25, 15:22
The Cable guy just left again.
There was something wrong at the "node" it was fixed last night and everything should be good now.
I have been listening to a Jazz station from Florida for an hour now and it has not dropped out.
So far, so good!