View Full Version : Empty playlists?

2011-01-23, 07:33
i'm running SS 7.52 using iTunes on Windows 7. i have my rescan timer set to rescan once a day, at 5am. It is set to "look for new and changed music." Frequently, when i try to play a playlist first thing in the morning, SS says it is empty (BTW, most of my playlists are dynamic lists in iTunes). Sometimes i can resolve this just by clicking on a different playlist to see its contents; if SS shows me the contents of the list, then all my lists will work fine after that for the rest of the day. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the contents of a list displayed. Other times i try this on multiple lists and it just says that each list is empty. I can always resolve this by forcing a manual rescan (either "clear and rescan everything" or "only rescan playlists.")

What is causing this? it did it on my old computer for years, and i had hoped that when i upgraded to my honkin' big new Dell i7 on Windows 7 that it would go away, but it hasn't.

It doesn't do it every day, but most days.