View Full Version : L/R channel swap status?

2004-09-10, 14:39
> Yeah, it seems to be working.
> I added (and selected) the following to convert.conf:
> mp3 wav * *
> [lame] --mp3input --decode --silent $FILE$ -
> So, when I do play an MP3 it doesn't switch modes. I have to test out
> the
> MAC address targeting option (in a comment at the end of the
> convert.conf
> file) so that I can opt out of this WAV/PCM setting on my wireless SB
> way at
> the other end of the house.
> The issues (when playing MP3 as WAV) remaining are: a tiny click at the
> start of a song... and it seems to be using more processor power.
> Does that
> make sense?
> Thanks,
> Phillip

Try adding an extra "-t" to the lame options:
[lame] --mp3input --decode -t --silent $FILE$ -

This should avoid the extra wav header. (nb not tried it as my server is
down at present).