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2004-09-10, 14:18
> I can live with never playing MP3s... but it's weird. Some of my FLACs
> get
> interpreted by my receiver's DAC as HDCD but most come in as PCM. I don't
> think there's anything special about the FLACs... or original CDs on which
> they're based. (Beck's "Midnite Vultures" and Madeleine Peyroux's
> "Dreamland")

I've got a copy of Beck's CD here - it is encoded in HDCD, so should show up
as HDCD on the receiver. From memory HDCD adds some form of code to the
least significant bits of the data which are interpreted by HDCD decoders.
Hence you are demonstrating that the
ripping/compressing/decompressing/streaming process is sending an accurate
bit stream accurately to the DAC (with no changes even to the least
significant bits).


Kevin O. Lepard
2004-09-10, 14:31
What's the status of WPA? I see in the FAQ that it's hopefully
coming soon, and I was wondering if that were under development, or
of the current spate of problems with the 5.3 release were currently
all consuming.

Kevin O. Lepard
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