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2011-01-21, 09:07
Hi Chaps,

I know this has been asked before but i am struggling to know what I should download.. I have a PC in my office which is hosting the squeezebox server software but it would be also useful if it could be a squeezebox client. I have seen stuff about squeezeslave, softsqueeze and squeezeplay... which do i need to download to turn my PC into a squeeze server client and play music from my PC (and ideally sync with my boom and soon to be duet)..

Thanks in advance for any help! :-)


2011-01-21, 10:07
Any one of those three (squeezeslave, softsqueeze and squeezeplay) will do what you are looking for. I recommend Squeezeplay, which is available here: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/?ver=7.6

Note that these "software players" usually do not sync as well as the hardware players. There are just too many variables with sound card drivers, latencies, etc that SBS cannot control or take into account. Sometimes people get lucky and they sync software players well with hardware players, but usually not. As long as the software players are not within hearing of the other players it shouldn't matter much.

Also note that you can use SqueezePlay both as a player on your pc, and as an additional remote control that controls other SBs on your network. Use the "Choose Player" setting to determine this.

2011-01-22, 11:20
Thanks for the advice.. I'll download it and give it a go :-)