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2011-01-20, 12:10
I've got my SBT set to display a clock when stopped or off. Unfortunately I've noticed that the clock doesn't appear after a power cut. You have to turn the SBT on then back off to see it. My SBT is on a timer along with all my other AV equipment so it gets a power cut every day. Can anyone think of a way to work around this problem?

2011-01-21, 01:42
Do you have an external server or are you using a USB drive connected to the Touch?

One problem is that the Touch does not have a clock that stays alive through a power disconnection. Every time it boots up from plugging in the power it has a garbage time. The firmware notices this situation and won't display the clock.

The Touch has to connect to an external server of some sort to set its time. This can either be an SBS running on a computer on your network or it can be mysqueezebox.com. TinySBS on the Touch is not sufficient since that would have to use the same (garbage time) clock on the Touch.

If you have an external SBS its supposed to try and make a connection on boot up, which should get the time. If you have an external SBS are you using wake on LAN with it? If so the server may not be up and running yet when the Touch trys to go get the time.

John S.

2011-01-28, 04:10
Do you have an external server or are you using a USB drive connected to the Touch?It's an external SBS that is running 24/7 (it's also a mail and ftp server).

However the connection to the SBS is via two switches both of which are also powered off on roughly the same schedule as the Touch. I've made sure that they go off after and on before the Touch though simply because I didn't want my old SB3 to enter configuration mode when it couldn't find the server.

So, in theory when the Touch regains power it should find that the server is ready and waiting for it :-/

One thing I haven't done is bring up the server web page and see if it can see the Touch after power has resumed. I know that my SB3 re-established the connection because otherwise it would bleat and ask me to configure it. I'm assuming the Touch would do the same thing.

BTW:I've enabled email notification to speed up my replies :)

2011-01-30, 02:16
Lol - I think the bug has changed. Last night I noticed my server was asking about an update so I applied it. This morning when I came downstairs the Touch was on and showing its home menu. When I switched it off it went to the clock so that's a slight improvement - I only have to touch it once to switch it off instead of twice to switch it on then off again.


Edit:This is now confirmed as is the fact that the Touch is connected to the server. It just seems like I display issue.