View Full Version : Perm mount Windows NAS to Ubuntu

2011-01-19, 13:07
I feel like such a newbie when it comes to Ubuntu. Been using windows for about 20 years and this is almost like starting on scratch : p
How can I permanently mount a windows network drive to ubuntu on a Joggler with Ubuntu 10.10 installed?
I want to permanently mount it so I can find it in Squeezebox server.

I can find it under connect to server , type in name or IP for the NAS and then it gets mounted. But I cannot locate it in my SB server when doing it this way.

Any ideas?

2011-01-19, 19:42
The best method is to edit your fstab file. See here:


Use google and you will find what you need on how to. Its challenging but not too difficult. The command needs to be correct and you need the proper mount directory for it to work.