View Full Version : some display corruption in sbg firmware v35

2004-09-09, 20:33
Kevin Pearsall wrote:

> Hi Jason, Peter,
> I just wanted to check with both of you to see if either of you are
> still having display problems... How's everything going?
> Thanks,
> Kevin P.

Hi Kevin,

I am now running 9-8 with FW37. After install I have experienced the
same pixel blocking mask, but now (after 2 days) it seems to have
recovered on its own (which is a lot bette than with FW35). I had the
SBG off almost all the time, weekdays I am mostly at work :-( I will use
if heavier over the weekend, and I will see if it gets garbled then. Let
me allow to answer you on Monday, OK?

I am very curious about Jason's however.