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2004-09-09, 17:10
LOL - Good points. I guess I need to find someone who does
silkscreening and get my Home Theater Master's number
buttons labelled. I made the mistake of not checking
my cell phone (or the slim remote) before I sent out that
bonehead post. I've already gotten some pretty good ribbing
from it.


>>> dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com 9/9/2004 7:02:15 PM >>>
It's quite simple.

We designed the software to match the button labels on the remote.

For completeness, we designed the remote to match the software. :)

On Sep 8, 2004, at 8:17 PM, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:

> Is there a reason that when searching, the "1" button brings up all
> special characters, "2" cycles through A,B,C, "3" cycles through D,
> F, etc.? It would seem the 1 should be abc just like on a
> Even the dial telephone I still use has this correct. It makes more
> sense (to me) to put all the special characters with the "0"button,
> where there's only the 0 and what seems to be a space and shift
> everything else up one number.
> Paul

Kevin O. Lepard
2004-09-09, 17:26
>LOL - Good points. I guess I need to find someone who does
>silkscreening and get my Home Theater Master's number
>buttons labelled.


Silkscreening would be very cool, but you can alternatively program
the 10 buttons at the top to send the numbers then set the labels
with the appropriate letters. That's what I did and it provides a
more immediate solution.

Kevin O. Lepard
kolepard (AT) charter (DOT) net

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