View Full Version : Transcoding with shineenc on SheevaPlug devices

2011-01-12, 15:36
So it seems that using shineenc is the only viable route to get on-the-fly transcoding on the SheevaPlug. However, I have not found a nice guide on how to set this up properly. So I just put one up on the Wiki:

Just in case it helps someone out who has been struggling to get it working.

Let me know if there are any problems with it.

2013-08-20, 13:02

I am not a very technical guy but I DO wish to set up my NAS to stream my (both FLAC and MP3 music) over the internet to my phone. As mobile internet bandwidth is expensive and as my NAS, too, cannot handle Lame to transcode my music on the fly I too need this shine encoder (shineenc) to get things working.

I truly admire the wiki how-to for setting this up, however it is written for Linux adepts and I have a Windows 8 box. My NAS is a QNAP TS-219P II by the way.

Is there anyone who would be willing to both build this shineenc for my QNAP device and write an in detail and step by step how-to to enable me to actually get it to work on my NAS? I hope someone enjoys the challenge here ;-)

Any help would be highly appreciated!