View Full Version : Multiple computers running Squeezeslave

2011-01-11, 13:43

is it possible to sync two computers running Squeezeslave with my Squeezebox?

I changed the mac address on both SS instances, I can sync each instance to my box separately, but when one SS is synced the other one just vanishes from the sync list.
I've been lurking on google but I still haven't got a clue...

2011-01-12, 08:57
I've had moderate luck with syncing squeezeplay but not squeezeslave. you have to mess with the settings a lot, and change the correction rate. even then it tends to seperate every so often.

2011-01-14, 05:35
Thanks for your reply.
It seems Squeezeplay is much more compatible with the whole squeezenetwork, it even appears in mysqueezebox, whereas squeezeslave doesn't...