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Kevin Walsh
2004-09-09, 10:05
Simon Turner [simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk] wrote:
> I'm running 5.2.1 along with the Softsqueeze that came with it. All has been
> working fine (inc. synchronisation) up until I installed The Nokia PC Suite
> vs 6.3.14 (for use with my Nokia 6230 phone).
> Now, whenever I open Softsqueeze, (by clicking directly on Softsqueeze.jar
> or using the shortcut to it) the Nokia Application manager opens, not
> Softsqueeze. I have reinstalled SlimServer 5.2.1 (without uninstalling my
> existing copy as I did not want to loose the settings) but it made no
> difference.
I don't have the Nokia App nor do I have SoftSqueeze, but perhaps the
following will help. Perhaps not. :-)

In Win98, you can open a directory window and select "View->Folder Options"
from the menu. In the resulting dialog, you can select "File Types"
and modify the way various file suffixes are handled. I would suggest
either changing the definition to point at the SoftSqueeze application
or deleting the definition and re-installing SoftSqueeze; The SoftSqueeze
installer will probably re-create the association for you.

You said you use WinXP and not Win98, but there's probably a similar
option in there somewhere.

> Simon Turner
> Brighton UK
> Tel: 0044 (0)7973 628683
The following is off-topic:

You should use "+44" instead of "0044" in your phone number. Different
countries use a different prefix for international calls. People in
North America, for instance, would dial "01144" to call through to
England. "+ countrycode" is the international standard notation.

All the numbers in my Nokia phone start with "+44" (get the "+" by
dialling "**". When I'm home (in London), the network knows what to
do (drop the +44 and use 0), when I'm abroad, the foreign network knows
what to do (drop the "+" and use 011, for instance).

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