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Roger Mitchell
2004-09-09, 06:08
Yea Chris, me too - so it must be an issue. My SB is now all-but
non-functional with the latest nightly. My solution? Uninstall the whole
lot! Re-install the official 5.2.1 release. Now works fine but minus all the
latest toys and gizmo's. Still - it plays my music....
Lesson? Don't play with the nightlies, wait for an official release (it
might work!)

Best regards
Roger, Newbury, UK

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I've tried to use my squeezebox today, and it keeps crashing when moving
between tracks.
The unit freezes for a few seconds then says it's lost contact with the

Removing the power restores the connection until I start trying to move
between tracks again.

The slimserver remains running throughout. Using the latest nightly.

Is this something known?