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2011-01-09, 00:40

I am wondering how the "local station" list is created for the squeezebox radio, in other words from where is the squeezebox getting the station URLs that are listed under this selection. I am asking because I don't see one of my local stations on the list and I am wondering how I could get it to show up there.

Note that I know how to enter the URL into my favorites so that I can personally listen to it but I want the station to be able to be seen by others as well if this is possible. I have tried updating the URL on various radio streaming lists.

This is a terrestrial radio station with streaming audio if that makes any difference. I appreciate any help with this issue.


2011-01-09, 05:18
RadioTime.com handles all streams within the Internet Radio menu items.
It is possible (almost likely) that your local missing station is streamed in AAC format which RadioTime does not list when on MySB.com.
But it may be listed when connected to SBS server on your computer.

Couple ways to check this:
- see if the station is listed on RadioTime.com
- see if the station is listed on SBS server > Internet Radio > Local

Also try Internet Radio > Search > *text* (it might be in there but just not categorized as a local to your geo specific location).