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2004-09-09, 02:14
Well, don't I feel like an idiot. I stand corrected.

Thanks (I think...),

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Quoting PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson (AT) mandtbank (DOT) com>:

> Is there a reason that when searching, the "1" button brings up all
> special characters, "2" cycles through A,B,C, "3" cycles through D, E,
> F, etc.? It would seem the 1 should be abc just like on a telephone.
> Even the dial telephone I still use has this correct. It makes more
> sense (to me) to put all the special characters with the "0"button,
> where there's only the 0 and what seems to be a space and shift
> everything else up one number.
Have another look at a button phone or cellphone. 2=abc.