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2004-09-08, 20:56
Yep, you need to go to the plugins menu. It's not all that
big of a deal, but I agree the WAF is not high if you have to
move to another menu. OTOH, if I'm reading, I need to reach
for a bookmark. It's not like I can just shut the book and
remember where I was. If I want to put an electronic
bookmark in, it's an equivalent action to the analog one.


>>> jeffsubs (AT) shanholtz (DOT) com 09/08/04 11:49 PM >>>
On Wed, 08 Sep 2004 14:41:32 -0700, kdf wrote:

> Quoting Jeff Shanholtz <jeffsubs (AT) shanholtz (DOT) com>:
>> On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 22:43:12 -0700, Sean Adams wrote:
>>> Jeff,
>>> This is a good idea. How long is each track though? We would
>>> need to save not only the track # but also the position within the
>>> track.
>> They seem to be about 3-5 minutes typically. 1 chapter per track
>> And yes, I would hope that the position within the track would be
saved as
>> well (just as the "current playlist" remembers the position within
>> track).
> the bookmark plugin does this.
> -kdf

Cool. Was planning to try it out but haven't quite yet. Hopefully it
seamlessly but I imagine I would have to go through the plugins menu to
it saved (not very wife-friendly, but definitely better than nothing).