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Kevin Hiscock
2004-09-08, 20:47
Hi Jim,

I'd love to give this thing a try, but, um, well, I've never used a
SlimServer plugin and don't really know where to get started.

I copied the Live365 plugin files to the slimserver/server/plugins
directory and the xml-simple files to the slimserver/serverCPAN directory.
I see Live365 listed as a plugin option in the SlimServer GUI, but, um,
now what?

thanks so much.


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discuss-bounces (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com wrote on 09/07/2004 08:10:13 PM:

> The Live365 tuner can be had at http://home.comcast.net/~jim1128/
> New in v0.04:
> Streamlined interactions with INPUT.Text
> Fixed crash bug when Live365 returned zero stations
> Added a right arrow to the search mode menu to represent that the
> mode can be pushed
> A user is now logged in when they push to PLUGIN.Live365 (if they
> don't have a sessionid already)
> Also, the development pointed out some glitches with Slimserver itself
> that have been corrected in builds a week or two ago, so you'll want to
> be somewhat up to date.
> I'm hoping to get the tuner included in v5.3, so if you find any issues
> please let me know and I'll see what I can do asap.
> Cheers,
> Jim