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2011-01-06, 05:06

I have a wall mounted 22" touch screen connected to my server PC on which I use Windows Media Player to select tracks and then capture the audio via Wavinput and stream out.

I'd like to know if there's any PC interface for browsing the library and starting playback. I've found Moose but it's a bit clunky and doesn't seem to be actively developed anymore.

I've seen all sorts of different programs/methods mentioned like SqueezeCommander but I don't seem to be able to see any of them from my install. The only thing I can do right now is click tracks using the webinterface which is far from ideal on a touch screen (yes, even with the "Touch" view enabled)

Something like WMC or XBMC would be ideal, there are touch based Squeeze apps for iOS and Android, so surely somebody has written a good similar PC interface?


2011-01-06, 12:22
Have you tried muso (not to be confused with Moose)? It's hard to say if that is the kind of interface you want, but it's worth a look.

It's not surprising that the Touch skin for the web ui doesn't look so good on a 22" screen. That skin is an offshoot of the Nokia770 skin, which was designed for the ~5" screen of that handheld device.

2011-01-06, 13:54
Thanks for this, Muso seems very close to what I'm looking for. For some reason it didn't read the artist tags for half my collection, but I'm sure with a bit of tinkering I could get it running nice.

Now I just need to decide whether to give up the Zune Pass content I've got..

Anyway, a bit of inside information was just what I needed, these things aren't easy to find with just Google searches.

(here's the Muso link for anyone else interested http://klarita.net/muso.html )