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Christopher May
2004-09-08, 14:04
You can do this on a pocketpc with Griffin's Total Remote Software. The
ccf posted on the slim devices site works great. If you're into making
your own ccf's then that wouldn't be a problem... www.remotecentral.com
for more info...


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If you could access an Album/Track by using a direct number, then you
use Supernudelist to create a listing of albums on a touchscreen remote
a Pronto, you could then click on the artist and album name and play the


I used to do this with a remote and winamp before my squeezebox.



"Jason Holtzapple" <jasonholtzapple (AT) yahoo (DOT) com>
wrote in message news:413F3AC2.8090303 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com...
> There's a pdf creator that parses your cache file here (at the bottom)
> http://www.slimp3.rtfm.info/downloads/index.html
> I'm also working on a plugin to extend this idea by giving each album
> (and possibly each song) a unique number to allow instant playing. It
> would be handy for large collections and non-technical users of the
> squeezebox.
> thnmnt wrote:
>> as much as i like the computer interface and the remote interface of
>> slimserver and squeezeboxen i thought it would be really nice to be
>> able to print out a neatly formatted list (by artist and complete
>> with album art) of
>> my music collection that i could then put in a nice binder and leave
>> the
>> coffee table for people to browse through. i know there's a lot of
>> pdf
>> generation software out there so it doesn't seem like this would be
>> that
>> hard to do. just..er...not by me :) does anybody feel like this
would be
>> a
>> cool thing to do or am i just a dinosaur that should give up the
ghost of
>> printed material?