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Kevin Walsh
2004-09-08, 13:29
> as much as i like the computer interface and the remote interface of
> slimserver and squeezeboxen i thought it would be really nice to be able
> to print out a neatly formatted list (by artist and complete with album
> art) of my music collection that i could then put in a nice binder and
> leave on the coffee table for people to browse through. i know there's a
> lot of cool pdf generation software out there so it doesn't seem like
> this would be all that hard to do. just..er...not by me :) does anybody
> feel like this would be a cool thing to do or am i just a dinosaur that
> should give up the ghost of printed material?
I have a PDF creator in my SLIMP3 website's download area:


It doesn't do a lot at the moment (simple format, no album art etc.),
but it may make a reasonable starting point.

You'll need Perl to run the script, of course, so Windows users are
out of luck unless they have ActiveState, or whatever.

I'll be happy to publish any useful modifications submitted.

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