View Full Version : Hardware advice please

2011-01-04, 08:11
I'm looking to upgrade my hardware to run a faster GUI for squeezcenter, and possibly dip my toes in the XBMC water

I currently run a Qnap 109. It's a few years old now and isn't the fastest when browsing my library.

I was looking for advice on the following, to see if it was possible.

If I got an Acer Aspire revo dual core with 2 gig RAM, running windows I could then run both XBMC and Squeezecentre at the same time (Squeezecentre running in the background) TV connected directly for the XBMC.

Does that sound feasible. It's about the same price as a vortexbox. but faster (and without the DVD drive which I don't need) Anybody got a similar setup ?

2011-01-04, 09:03
Yes. This will be very adequate and the improved graphics/memory on the Revo will help with XBMC. I just use windows media server and the picture audio is great for movies in HD etc and squeezecenter runs very well.