View Full Version : firmware v.37 (bug fix only) - closing in on release

Phillip Kerman
2004-09-08, 12:15
> > The L/R channel swap issue is definitely still there (v36).
> So far, I've
> > always been able to make it go away by doing a soft
> reboot... but I really
> > hate to be listening to some music, then notice something
> isn't right...
> > then go back to my control track to find the L/R are swapped.
> >
> > What can I do to help track this down?
> I was just curious on this issue:
> -What is the Bug ID?
> -Is it only on the digital out (ie. has anyone noticed it
> on the analog outputs)?

I have only noticed it on the coax digital out.

Dunno about the bug ID.