View Full Version : HELP - Why Can I Not Connect ?

2011-01-03, 11:22
Having a few problems with my squeezebox.

I can connect to my wireless network without problems and an IP address is assigned.

I am then asked to select a music source and have 3 options :-

Option 1 - no squeezecenter found

Option 2 - Enter IP for squeeze center

Option 3 - connect to squeeze network.

I used to use option 3 (pc turned off) and that did it. Now however, the squeezebox turns itself off.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can sort this out please - very frustrating!!!!



2011-01-03, 11:39
By chance are you using the SB3/Classic player?
If so, once you select to connect to Squeeze Network (now called MySqueezeBox) try hitting the brightness button on the remote.

2011-01-03, 14:16
It is the classic player - yes.

Think I have solved it now.

Updated my squeeze server software on pc. Connected squeezebox via pc and this too asked for an update

Updated, and now i can connect via mysqueezebox.