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Canada Bob
2011-01-03, 10:59
Just bought a SBox Boom, I think it's great, but I find it's more difficult to search {and find} certain broadcasts than my Revo Pico {that gave up the ghost almost as soon as the warranty was out, the second Pico I've had that did that, anyway, I digress}.

The Revo could log on to any broadcast listed on the reciva.com web site, from what I've seen in the last few days the Squeezebox radios have their own site, my problem is this site doesn't list a couple of the broadcasts that I'd like to have in my Favourites, and although I've read the manual, and the "how to add a station" on the Squeezebox web site I still can't get one of the links to work, so I'd appreciate a little help from those more up to speed than I am.

The broadcast I'd like to add is for the UK Horse Racing Commentaries originating from: h ttp://tote.teamtalk.com/Tote/Radio_Centre/Home

It would be great to hear the clatter of tiny hooves on my SBox Boom, so I'd appreciate it if anyone can sort this for me, or at least tell me why including the URL above in the ADD stations thing doesn't seem to work.



2011-01-03, 12:01
Try this one: http://audio.teamtalk.com/Tote

Use the www.MySqueezeBox.com web site from your computer, then go to Remote Control > Internet Radio > Tune in URL >
Cut & paste that URL

Canada Bob
2011-01-03, 12:47
Thanks Toby for your time and consideration, valued and appreciated, it now works a treat.

I guess I just didn't have the right url ?