View Full Version : Original slimdevice working sporadically

2011-01-02, 18:37
I have one of the original slimdevices (Player: SLIMP3, Firmware 2.3 - see pictures) which has been working faithfully 10 odd years. Recently, it has started acting up. The display will work fine and then after a few minutes will spew garbage characters. Occassionally, the display will not come on but it will play songs fine. Today, it is not accepting any commands from the remote control. After a hard power cycle, it will play songs (I control it from the browser on my PC) but it seems to stop playing after a few songs. I not able to get anything to repeat consistently to help me debug the problem.

I am running server Version: 7.5.2 - r31632 on windows7. Appreciate any help/pointers. Thanks

p.s I have two other squeezebox's in my home and they continue to work fine.