View Full Version : Bizarre - BBC R4 FM 'kills' SBR & Touch?

2010-12-30, 05:25
This is really weird:

This morning, I pressed the 'favourite' button on my SBR for BBC R4 FM iPlayer listen live. What ensued was multiple re-boots and lack of response to button presses etc., until I reset to factory defaults.

So, I went to my Touch, selected BBC R4 FM, and exactly same thing occurred. I then reset SBS several times, same problem every time I select BBC R4 FM. If, alternatively, I selected another radio station (e.g. radio paradise, or even BBC R4 LW), it was fine.

It seems unlikely, but something about the BBC R4 stream seems to be screwing things. Is this possible?

As I write this, I have a Touch that is constantly re-booting, and will probably have to do a factory reset on that too.


2010-12-30, 05:35
I'm assuming this is using the flash/aac stream from BBCiPlayer plugin - if so there is a known bug in Radio/Touch firmware which can lead to it crashing. It will be fixed in the next firmware I hope.

In the mean time you may want to disable native aac decode on the server or change to wma streams within the BBCiPlayer plugin.

2010-12-30, 05:46
Triode, many thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have 'Use Flash AAC streams' checked (along with MP3 streams, but not 'prefer WMA').

I'll do as you suggest (although this crash hasn't happened often; this may be the first time, unless a couple of other, though still infrequent, crashes were due to this).

I seem to recall an 'issue' recently, though, with using WMA streams? I can't recall what that might have been, but vaguely recall deliberately disabling this. I may well be mistaken, though...


2011-09-05, 12:06

??? The bug causing the original issue is fixed in later 7.5 and 7.6 firmware - is there a new issue here? If so can you post some details of it?

2011-09-05, 12:21
BudMobilio seems like a failed spambot ;) if you google.