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2004-09-08, 05:55
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> > Pat Farrell wrote:
> > I just use "tag.exe" that comes with the
> > I tell EAC/CDex to include the genre in the file path.
> > So a file goes in /songs/jazz/Wes Montgomery/A Day In
> The Life/....
> You do realise that flac can be configured to use flac
> compression as an
> external compressor, don't you? All the tags get
> written automatically.
> Yes, but I don't like to do that.
> Compression takes a long time, at least on my PC.
> So I extract a bunch of CDs, and then compress them all
> overnight. That way I don't have to wait for the compression.
> Its just the way I optimize my time.

Makes sense - I should do that really, but I've never quite got round to it.

Here's a couple of useful links:

EAC setup with FLAC: http://www.lameb.fsnet.co.uk/
Batch encode using lame: http://www.lameb.fsnet.co.uk/
Batch encode with flac: http://hickinbottom.demon.co.uk/slimserver.htm