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2010-12-28, 09:32
Hi gang.

I'm new to this forum. I just purchased a Squeezebox touch and have a config. question that I cannot find the solution to.

I have my Squeeebox config'd. to use iTunes integration. This is working fine.
My music folder is selected as /Users/name/Music/iTunes.

However, I have several Hi-res FLAC files that I would also like to play.
These obviously cannot be copied into the iTunes library.
How can I get the Squeezbox to see these selections? Do I have to copy the content MANUALLY (NOT using iTunes) into the iTunes directory? Is this even do-able?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

2010-12-28, 09:45
I've done this with some FLAC's. The easiest way would be to go into the iTunes folder, then iTunes Music and make a new folder and call it FLAC or whatever. Then copy the FLAC folder/files into that folder. Then do a rescan. That's what worked for me. The folder won't mess with iTunes, but keep a copy of the files outside of iTunes as a back-up. You might have to do a clear & rescan, but I'd try the look for new and changed scan first, since it's faster. Just give it a try.

2011-01-03, 13:34
Hi guys.

I have the same problem/question. However, my itunes media directory resides on another internal drive that is NOT my primary OS drive. I have iTunes pointed to the other directory.

Would I copy the music to that directory or should it be placed in the music/iTunes/iTunes Media directory that is on my primary drive?


2011-01-03, 13:39
I got it figured out - thanks! It must reside on the primary drive.


John A
2011-01-03, 22:28
I have FLAC files in a folders on one partition of a separate, external HD, and the iTunes folder on another. No problem. The SB server settings allow one to specify, independently, "Playlist folder" and "My Music". So, from the player, I get iTunes from "Playlists" and FLAC from "My Music".