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2010-12-27, 15:29

my setup is a squeezebox touch (firmware 7.5.1 r9218) directly connected to a set of audioengine a5 speakers. The squeezebox connects to the internet through wifi (also tried utp, but no better). The squeezebox would stop playing internet radio very often (multiple times per hour) for no apparent reason. The 'now playing' screen would show as usual (the seconds would keep going by as if everything was ok), but no sound was coming out. I had to restart the squeezebox every time to get it working again. Very frustrating.

Now, this is gonna sound stupid, and I don't know why, but the sound stops seem to have something to do with the volume level setting! I had the squeezebox on volume level 8 and the audioengine speakers over halfway open. And my internet radio would stop producing sound several times per hour while everything still looked fine (even in the logs). Now I changed it so that the squeezebox is at volume level 35 and the audioengines volume is down and I haven't had any stops anymore so far (about 1,5 hours ago).

Yes, I have tried going back to volume level 8 on the squeezebox and it stopped again. But as i said, now i'm back at level 35 and still going (1,5 hours).

Can somebody else please verify this? I have no idea why this would be the case, but it seems to be this way for me


2010-12-27, 15:46
Are you using the Touch at level 8 of 100 ?

The volume controll is digital .

Sugest that you have your AE at such a volume that something like 70 on the Touch is comfy and 100 is a loud as you wanna go. That way you get better sound.

Your radio problem I have no idea

2010-12-27, 15:46
A couple of thoughts. First, the Audioengine speakers have autosensing. When no audio signal is heard for a few minutes, they turn themselves off. My guess is that you have the TOUCH audio way too low and the speakers lose the signal because of this.

Also keep in mind that your audio quality suffers if you have source (TOUCH) at too low. Among other setups, I also use a TOUCH with audioengine A5s. I keep the TOUCH volume at about 75% high and then adjust the A5 volume so that this is "normal" listening. This way, I can still use the digital volume control on my computer or controller or ipeng to change the touch volume up or down to a certain extent.

2010-12-27, 15:57
wow, you guys work fast around here ;)

@Mnyb, yes, I had the touch at level 8 of 100. I didn't know about the loss in quality at that low level.

@garym, that really makes sense now. Thanks! I'll do the same as you did

thanks again

2010-12-28, 06:22
Touch + AudioEngine A5's is one incredible sounding mini-system. :)
As suggested the Touch's volume should be higher for better audio quality.
I max out Touch's volume, then adjust A5 volume to just above where I would want to listen, then back off Touch volume slightly to a comfortable listening level.
Then I use Touch to control all volume for the different sources.