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2010-12-27, 13:18
Hi, I have downloaded an udap_shell_0_0 and seem to have connected well enough to my stand alone SBR, after initially getting returns to init after reset, I now seem to be getting somewhere , but cant seem to see the unit on either the server control panel or squeezebox.com

I do already have a sqbox Boom but although I have had this connected to another laptop its only been used for internet radio really.
I cant see this boom from my newly installed Squeeze server on a new laptop.

I now currently have a permenant blue LED on the SBR which if the wireless is power cycled, goes to Red init. then through Yellow back to one second violet/white and back to Blue.
I understand this means its wirelessly connected to my network, but cannot see the squeeze server...

any pointers please, I seem frustratingly close LOL
I have used teh ip addy of my laptop for the time being (a few cd files)but intend picking up one of the Proliant microservers. in the near future..I have hopefully attached my udap list. any comments appreciated

2010-12-27, 13:20
http://i447.photobucket.com/albums/qq196/HOTWHEELSAM/udap_shellsqueezesettings-2-1.png Hopefully the Udap pic will help..

2010-12-27, 16:28
I'd guess server_address should also be your server i.e. laptop IP ...2. At least give it a try. You are correct about the meaning of the blue light: connected to network, but not to a server.


2010-12-27, 16:30
If you are trying to set up static ip ? (don't remember wich lan-ip mode that is static or DHCP)

Lan_network_address should not be the laptops address it should be the ip you want the player to have, some address that is not used by another thing on that network. This should be unique for every device on th network

primary dns make that the router-ip

server adress not the router-ip try with or the squeezecenter_address .

Probably some more things to consider is it not a tutorial on robins website

2010-12-27, 18:12
Thanks for the input...
I must say I was a little confused with what 'every' server/address etc was refferring to

well I've seen/read an occurence of something similar in my research before posting, but it's fixed LOL or at least partially...

I bought Ipeng (as I had intended to do anyway) and whilst attempting to connect and turn on to my kitchen Boom, "ping" up pops the new SBR :)
initially it went white, did the update I assume, as it flashed bright white fast.
then it dropped to dull white. (connected?)

I then changed the name of it through ipeng and whilst struggling a little with the structure of ipeng, i eventually managed to select it and flick through my small (currently) itunes library :D

powering down the SBR whilst sleeping resulted in it going through red-yellow-off, wakened as it should when asked.

I'm weary about turning off the wireless router now, can i assume it will refind itself? or will a change of order when re-aquiring mean I will lose it?

I suspect once I buy a server I will hard wire anyway, but just wondered how it will deal with my current 'regular' router reboot?

Looking forward to getting to know ipeng... very slick,

love the 'idea' of getting away with just an SBR but I suspect this one will end up in my sons room, and I'll have a touch ..

need to check out more threads for the quality differences.

I'll probably be back after I lose it all again LOL, and I've not connected to .com yet ;)

Thanks. well router reboot went ok, without any other units joining so maybe its ok... I was intending a dchp set-up but it appears I have selected =0 which is static :s
I'll try and search out some more reading tomorrow... I have a fear of setting the kitchen boom off on full chat at after midnight :s

another quick question should I leave this SBR at max volume, and control volume with my amp as normal? or is there a benefit to channging the volume with the SBR?

cheers, Nick

2010-12-27, 19:21
hmmm... I see the points mentioned above, even though its working so was going to add the couple of points raised, but now although the SBR is connected just fine I can now not find it with the UDAP?

initially I had conected to it via hard wired to laptop, but then changed settings to wireless, and indeed changed settings whilst connecting wirelessly.

changed the name of it via ipeng.

now UDAP only seems to 'find' the ipod touch?? even after shutting down the touch, udap only throws up the addy of the touch??

I guess this just shows I've managed to set up an SBR without knowing what I'm doing .....

2010-12-27, 22:37
To get udap to see the reciever you must put it into setup mode again.
Hold the button untill it flashes red.

Yes 100% volume if you use an amp that also have volume.

If you want easier setup and better sound get a Touch ,it sets up from it's screen.

2011-01-01, 18:33
belated response from me due to the obvious LOL...

Thanks for the info... I think I had indeed overlooked the obvious and hadn't re-eneterd the unit into init mode... DOH!!

however once I had downloaded and used Ipeng I havent felt the need to go back to change anything as its working :)

I will have to dable later to get access to squeezebox.com but its working for now on the lappy at least :)

I'm just struggling pulling the trigger on the bargain Microserver :s

additional VAT bugs me too after being too busy before Christmas...