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2010-12-27, 13:04

I've had my Boom for 18 months and I installed Squezecenter at the beginning and all has been stable and fabulous. Anyway, I've been recently having connection problems with Napster, so decided to re-install.

Now I am stuck. Can anyone help - I'm not very teckie-minded and I haven't got a clue about servers, IP addresses etc

I thought everything would load automatically - but it hasn't. This is what I have achieved so far.

- I deleted Squeezecenter as I understood that was redundant.
- I went for factory re-install of my Boom
- I now have mysqueezebox.com on my laptop and it shows my Boom as a player, but it says Status disconnected
- My Boom is connected to my wireless network, and I can get internet radio
- When I choose to fetch IP address automatically from my Boom it says "Cannot connect to Server"

I don?t understand what it is looking for here. How do I connect it to the server ? WHich server ? Do I need to give it an IP address ? Where would I find that?

I have switched off the firewall just in case, but that did not resolve the problem.

Many thanks for any help. PS I have Windows Vista


2010-12-27, 13:51
In order to play music your Boom has to be connected to a server. That server can be an instance of Squeezebox Server (formerly SqueezeCenter) running on your own computer or mysqueezebox.com, Logitech's server in the cloud. You are connected to mysb.com now if you are listening to internet radio on the Boom. Sign into mysb.com (http://www.mysqueezebox.com) on your laptop and you should be able to install Napster from the "App Gallery". Once you enter your Napster username and password you should have access to Napster on your Boom.

Mysb.com, however, is unable to access any music library you've collected on your own computer. For that you need to download and install Squeezebox Server (http://www.mysqueezebox.com/download). When you then select "My Music" from your Boom main menu it will automatically change over to your local music collection.

EDIT: Sorry, I may have given you false hope for Napster. According to this thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=84168) there are general Napster connectivity problems.

2010-12-27, 16:03
Many thanks for the easy explanation. I think I will now be ok on the Napster front when it settles down. I can see what I must do.

The server thing is foxing me. I have beem on the page you linked many times today and when I ask it to download, nothing happens except it jumps immediatley to the page "Thanks for downloading Squeezebox Server". So I may have it already? If so, where is it - and how can I get it to connect to my Boom ? I have a hunch it is something to do with IP addresses - evrn if I knew what they were (!)


2010-12-27, 17:35
I can't say why you're having a problem with the server download but here is another place you can get it:


You want the "Windows Executable" version.

2010-12-28, 06:11
Many thanks. That worked well. I'm connected now. (or at least I only have the same problems as everyone else !)

Best regards