View Full Version : mac address of receiver not showing on router

2010-12-26, 06:57
Dear All

We're having a problem connecting the receiver of our SB Duet to the network. Currently it does not show at the list of connected devices on the router (D Link DIR-615) running all wireless in mixed mode w wpa2 encryption.

We've been trying with a reset of the controller (no problem - just that the recevier does not show up). but the receiver is a bit harder to reset - tried the following
1 pressed the button on the front for 5 minutes - no response. Still blinking slowly red - no fast blinking.
2 turned off the power for a while

We don't know if we need to reset to get the receiver to show up on the network. Everything else shows up fine on the list of mac addresses on the router(incl the controller).

Any suggestions?

2010-12-26, 07:02
when it is slowly blinking red it is in configuration mode.
You should configure it with the controller not before you do that will show on your network.

The controller speaks directly to that receiver with an ad.hoc wifi conection during setup so be close to it .