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2004-09-07, 19:43
For the price difference between the squeezebox wired and the squeezebox
wireless you could just buy the wired units and some 802.11G bridges to run

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Not to be a naysayer, but I've been using my Squeezebox wireless with FLAC
encoded files, and for the past several months of updates find the drop outs
to be relatively infrequent. One thing I did was change the wireless channel
on my access point from channel 11 (the default) to 5, which seemed to make
a big difference in reliability. We have a number of folks in the area using
wireless on channel 11, and its possible that the congestion on that
frequency was one cause for the previously unreliable connections. I
generally have signal strength at the Squeezebox between 46 and 60 depending
on where I'm sitting and the time of day, but for the most part the streams
tend to remain very stable.

I do agree however that client side FLAC decoding would help, but probably
not nearly as much as switching to 802.11g. I'm ready to get a few more
units for the bedrooms and would like to be able to use them simultaneously.
With the current technology, I'm guessing that this is going to be quite a
stretch without resorting to compressed streams.


PhlLeig (AT) aol (DOT) com wrote:
> IMHO Server-side FLAC is/will be absolutely the determinant feature
> for us lucky few people who have "decent" ears and "decent" audio
> systems (please don't flame! - just my opinion). I've just sold my
> >2k cd player and expensive support system in favour of my "Squeezy".
> All of my friends....and my wife, more importantly... think the sound
> quality is fantastic with FLAC through a good DAC. Everyone who has
> heard/seen it wants one...but not with intermittent dropouts.
> I'm prepared to hard wire my s-box to a laptop to remove the wi-fi
> element - not everyone will though. Please get server-side FLAC
> working ASAP, and the SQL database, and then you have a real killer
> product. DRM sucks (big time), MP3 sucks even worse - even VBR. I've
> just put all my CD's into storage and replaced them with 1Tb of disk.
> This has changed my life and my house!
> Yours, in eager anticipation,
> Phil
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