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2010-12-24, 18:00
Merry Christmas Everybody!
I've been unable lately to save playlists. While I'm using the web interface I can save them but as soom as I scan they disappear. This is the latest log:

[10-12-25 11:50:59.1650] main::main (180) Starting Squeezebox Server scanner (v7.5.2, r31632, Mon Dec 13 13:17:22 PST 2010) perl 5.010000
[10-12-25 11:50:59.6820] Slim::Music::Import::addImporter (546) Adding Slim::Music::PlaylistFolderScan Scan
[10-12-25 11:50:59.6827] Slim::Music::Import::countImporters (615) Found importer: Slim::Music::PlaylistFolderScan
[10-12-25 11:50:59.8404] Slim::Music::Import::runImporter (566) Starting Slim::Music::PlaylistFolderScan scan
[10-12-25 11:50:59.8410] Slim::Music::PlaylistFolderScan::startScan (82) Starting playlist folder scan
[10-12-25 11:50:59.8413] Slim::Music::PlaylistFolderScan::startScan (85) Clearing internal ssp playlists
[10-12-25 11:50:59.8687] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (289) About to look for files in Q:\SQUEEZEBOX PLAYLISTS
[10-12-25 11:50:59.8704] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (290) For files with extensions in: lnkwplwaxasxxspflnk
[10-12-25 11:50:59.8777] Slim::Utils::Scanner::findFilesForRescan (224) Generating file list from disk & database for file:///Q:/SQUEEZEBOX%20PLAYLISTS...
[10-12-25 11:51:01.2800] Slim::Utils::Scanner::findNewAndChangedFiles (243) Comparing file list between disk & database to generate rescan list...
[10-12-25 11:51:01.2906] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (312) Didn't find any valid files in: [Q:\SQUEEZEBOX PLAYLISTS]
[10-12-25 11:51:01.2925] Slim::Music::PlaylistFolderScan::doneScanning (105) Finished background scan of playlist folder.
[10-12-25 11:51:01.2929] Slim::Music::Import::runScanPostProcessing (429) Starting merge of various artists albums

I deleted the server this morning and re-installed then rescanned to no avail.
Help please!!!

2010-12-24, 21:43
What OS ?

Does sbs have permissions to write to Q:\SQUEEZEBOX PLAYLISTS

Settings > advanced > file types

What is your setting for

Disabled Playlist File Extensions ?

What is your setting for.

Disabled Audio File Extensions is it "m3u,pls"
if it is you may suffer from this bug.


2010-12-24, 23:50
Thanks Mnyb,
I don't know how, because I didn't change anything, but I had playlist file types as exclusions in Playlists as well as in Music directories. So once again everything (except Inguz functionality!) is rosy in my Squeezebox garden.
Thanks again for your help, I just didn't see the obvious.