View Full Version : Optical Out does not work anymore SB classic

2010-12-24, 09:23

I'm using my SB classic for a year now, and since yesterday the optical out does not light anymore, so there is no sound. All the other outputs work, including coax.

I restarted it, did the 7.5.2 update on my server but still the same problem...is there a known issue with the optical out or is it defect now?

Any ideas?


Pascal Hibon
2010-12-24, 10:46
If there is no more light coming out then I guess that points to a hardware failure.

2010-12-24, 13:52
Optical is fine on my SB3 on 7.5.2

You could try a Xilinx reset, as a long shot. :(
SB3 Xilinx Reset:
Unplug power, press and hold down the one (1) button on the remote, plug power back in (whilst continuing to hold down the one button)