View Full Version : server 7.5.2 does not recognize player

2010-12-24, 08:09
platform: snow leopard; airport extreme base station: set up as directed by logitech
mysqueezebox.com: DOES recognize the player(SB Radio)
SB Radio does connect to my network
however SB server does not recognize the player

thank you for any help

2010-12-24, 11:44
Go into the network setup on your radio and point it to your server. Seems a little backwards but I would bet your radio is still looking for your old server.

2010-12-25, 06:06
Thanks Ted
As I stated earlier SB Radio does connect to my Airport Extreme Network and I can listen to the music. What i can not do is to have SB Server 7.5.2 recognize SB Radio, i.e. "PLAYER". Thus I can have neither My Music nor iTunes library operative.
Nevertheless thank you for your help.


2010-12-25, 06:35
I think the Airport Extreme uses a "guest" network for newly added network devices. So your Radio may not be on the same "main" network within the same router.
Until both Radio and SBS are on the same network they cannot see each other.

This is a security feature to keep temporary connections from gaining access to your computer on the "other" network.
I do not use Apple so you will have to find out how to allow your Radio to connect to your main network, assuming this even applies to your router.