View Full Version : Streaming from SB Touch Tinyserver to other SB devices

2010-12-23, 20:32
Streaming from SB Touch Tinyserver to other SB devices. Can you do that?
I was thinking about bying a Nas to use with a couple of SB devices. But I noticed, that the SB Touch has a USB port and a build Squeezebox server. I'm thinking about setting up a touch in the livingroom, and then placing a SB Boom for secondary use, in the kitchen. I curently ovn a Duet and a Classic. What will give the best user experience? Using a nas with a Duet/classic and a Boom. Or Using a Touch with usb harddisc and a boom.
Ps I'm going to install network cables to the player in the livingroom.

Thanks Claus

2010-12-23, 20:45
Performance of the internal server is not great logitech does not recomend it for more than 2 additional players . it has other limits to well discussed on the forum if you search it's very picky on which drive that would work.

Also no transcoding or web interface avaible .



Btw compared to what NAS ? An suitable server should be with an c86 cpu you can have such nas boxes with atom mother boards they work fine , but if in for a little DIY you can get away cheaper .

Or get yourself a vortexbox a prebuilt small linux server with squeezeboxserver and a ton of other things preinstalled uses as little power as equivalent NAS .

2010-12-24, 04:14
I connect 3 additional players to the Touch's built in server, Sync all four players or each player streaming independent streams, it does work.
However, it can be glitchy. I can do so for several weeks without a hiccup, but then the Touch's server will crash six times in one day.
I'd try your proposed setup, see how it works for you.

2010-12-24, 04:38
About player limit I bet it can take more ip3k players (old players) than SqueezePlay devices .

Also OP is smart enough to realize that the server should be wired to router.

2 player limit might some kind of worst case scenario 1 Touch 2 radio + controller in all wifi situation with an archive-x router delivered by the isp

2010-12-24, 15:18
I was thinking about the Qnap TS-119P+ Turbo NAS. Will that be powerfull enought to run squeeze server. at a decent level.

2010-12-24, 15:33
I am using Qnap ts-119 with 1.5TB WD HD. In my library i have 3200 CDs in Flac. SB Server and SBT are working very well with Qnap.

2010-12-25, 00:54
119P+ seems to got some upgrades compared to previous models 1,6gHz marvell cpu it's an ARM of some kind just like the Touch itself. and it now have 512mB Ram that's is not the weakest kind of NAS so it has potential to work :)

With that NAS your better off than the Touchs own server and have web-UI but no transcoding if you ever need it (ability to translate audio formats not suported by the players themselves such as AAC radio for a Boom or 24/96 files for anything other than Touch).
And you migth not be able to run the most demanding plugins .Speed of the web-UI might be slower than a computer.

Vortexbox can be an option ?

Touch is 533mHz Freescale ARM and only 128mB of ram :-/ was not aware of that you could find such small memory, must be inttegrated to the cpu (or is it a one chip computer)

But is suspect those 1,6gHz intel atom based NAS is faster still.
Different trade off's.

You eventually have to try, it's very personal how much performance is enough ?

I ca not use such NAS as I for example run some of erlands plugins and have 100's of 24bit 96k albums that i want to be played on my boom or SB3 too and I find bitrate limiting usefull sometimes .

Fyi 7.6 version of the server runs faster than 7.5.x so logitech tries to optimize the server for smaller hardware as it should run well on the Touch eventually.