View Full Version : Confusion about squeezebox and formats

Phillip Kerman
2004-09-07, 12:29
> I'm a new user (SB on it's way). There's a thread over at
> audio asylum stating
> that the squeezebox compress ALL formats to MP3 for playback.
> Is this true?
> If so, what is the advantage of using uncompressed or
> lossless formats?

It's only that way by default. It's called "bitrate limiting" but you can
set the server to "no limit" on any particular device--like I have it set
lower for my unit way over in the kitchen.

Even if you use this option, the advantage of keeping files in lossless is
you can always decide to make MP3s yourself later. This way you have the
source. I'm doing all FLAC with the hope I can make the "no limit" work on
my setup.