View Full Version : "Playlist" playback on Synchronized Touch and Boom has >1 second delay?!

2010-12-19, 21:49
I'm looking for some help debugging a significant delay when playing synchronized audio (FLAC streamed from dedicated PC/Squeezebox server) to both a Touch and Boom simultaneously, but ONLY when playing from a "Playlist" (which includes various songs from different albums).

The strange thing is that synchronized playback of songs via Artist->Album selection works fine with no discernible delay.

Please help, as I'd really like to use my custom playlists to enjoy shuffled favorite songs from different albums without the delay.

Also, I've noticed that on my Touch, sometimes the album art on the "Now Playing" screen disappears, and reappears upon restarting the Squeezebox server on the PC. Would appreciate any suggestions for this one as well.


2010-12-20, 01:11
Is at very large playlist, then shuffle can be problem for the server with large playlists and Touch.

The work around is to use the Dynamic Playlist plugin and pick random songs from that very large playlist 10 at the time or soo.

2010-12-20, 01:13
See this bug.


2010-12-20, 13:57
Thanks so much for the reply, Mnyb. Actually, I've been testing with a very short playlist (5 songs), and am getting this delay between my "Touch" and "Boom" devices.

I'll give the Dynamic Playlists plugin a try to see if it helps.