View Full Version : Tablets and picture frames acting as SB Touch (video)

Dr. Akoya
2010-12-19, 17:37
Budget tablets and picture frames acting as SB Touch

Tjek this super cool video ("fast forward" 1 min.)


I am looking for the right budget tablet or picture frame to do that trick.

The original OpenFrame (joggler) from OpenPeak does the job, as you saw in the youtube video, but it is impossible to buy them anymore.

What budget touch device are people using today instead ? What should I buy ? And where is the easy step-by-step guide for that device ? (I am looking for a "table top" solution hooked up to a stereo, like the SB Touch.)

Need help, thanks.

Hope to hear from you.

((Where can I buy the original Openframe/Joggler now ?))

Dr. Akoya

(The guide using OpenFrame: )



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