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Tim Long
2004-09-07, 06:56
This kind of problem is nearly always due to insufficient permissions in my experience. Is your SlimServer service is running as LocalSystem? Try running the server service under a specially created user account, then ensure that account has at least read permissions on the music files themselves and full control on the playlists folder. The SlimServer works fine in this scenario as long as it has sufficient file permissions. Most of my library is on the save disk as the server but I do have a few links out to folders on other computers. It works just fine.

BTW, when you say "mounted drive" do you mean that the music files are on a network share? If so then you have to set the access permissions in TWO places. Once on the actual files and folders and again on the network share. When accessing files through a network share, both sets of permissions are applied and the most restrictive set of permissions wins.

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> I can access my music via a mounted drive in windows but
> when I try to let slimserver do so - it fails.
> New value for Saved Playlists Folder rejected:
> Oops - "C:\Documents and Settings\Administratör\Mina
> dokument\My Music" doesn't seem to be a valid directory.
> Try again.
> New value for Music Folder rejected:
> Oops - "m:\" doesn't seem to be a valid directory. Try
> again.
> Can this be fixed or is tehe any workaround to let the
> slimserver be on a diffrent computer than the music?
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