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2004-09-07, 05:09
Don't be concerned. Slimserver 5.2.1 will work just fine. It won't take advantage of any of the fancy new capabilities yet, but the bugs that are being talked about on this list are getting fewer. And the ones that are being talked about are getting less and less frequent. I'd expect a new stable version to be out around 10/1/04. When you think about it, that's about three months from the announcement of the new display. If it only took three months to work out all the bugs, that's fairly impressive. If you don't want to hear about the problems and would rather just use the device for how it is being sold, use the 5.2.1 version - it works fine. I'd much rather be one of the users helping to identify and find bugs, rather than be told to wait until the firmware/software is stable to take advantage of this stuff. The bottom line is that when I have parties, I can run (with no problems) the latest stable version (5.3.0b1) and it will run all night with any playlist I feed it. That is what I bought it for, and it does that well. Oh, I do this with a Slimp3 and an sbg (upgraded from the old version).

When you go up to 5.3.0b1, there is no turning back to 5.2.1, so make that jump wisely.

No, you cannot control the Roku from iTunes. Somewhat the other way around...you can get to iTunes accessible music via the Roku. Ask them (Roku) how you get to non-iTunes music...oh yeah, you can't. I have a friend who bought one of those stupid things about two weeks ago, and he's sorry he did. On the front page of their website, it states that Wi-Fi comes at no additional charge, but I wonder what you are paying for when you go from the $199.99 (no Wi-Fi) player to the $249.99 (Wi-Fi) player? With a statement like that, how can you trust anything else this company spouts?

Also, I'm suspicious of any company with "labs" in their primary website name... Infinum Labs comes to mind.


>>> nic (AT) nwardle (DOT) freeserve.co.uk 9/7/2004 6:38:05 AM >>>
I am still awaiting the arrival of my SBG in the UK and have been following this discussion list avidly. A few things have arisen that cause a little concern.
Firstly, will my SBG work straight "out of the box" with the 5.2.1 slimserver and firmware (this is in response really to the posts " [slim] Server Upgrade Woes - Should have known better.") I guess I will be able to say (my own network quirks permitting!) whether this is the case, and let you all know....
Secondly, have I bought the right device? I took a look at the Roku website after the name was mentioned here and have to say it does seem like a nice piece of kit, smart looking, simple integration and the ability to use Slimserver if wanted. I am not sure what Ken was getting at in this post. Was it that you cannot control the Roku from the itunes program? If so then that would appear to be correct. That would not be an issue for me. I like the idea of using a remote (like the rest of my Hi-Fi!).
What I do want however is a device that I can install and let it get on with its job that I paid nearly 200 for. I REALLY do hope this will be the case for my SBG!! But I am not keen on accepting any obvious bugs in a "non-beta" release of the server/firmware - and by obvious I mean display corruptions/hangs/button errors etc...
I'm keeping my fingers crossed and eagerly awaiting my Squeezebox!
Thanks to all at Slim, and those programmers who create the plugins for creating what (from the outside at the moment) appears to be an excellent device - just keep on striving for the best, bug free, version of the software you can!

Their marketing is very misleading. The reality is that only Apple's airport express can be controlled from iTunes. It uses a proprietary interface that they have not published to any third parties.
On Sep 6, 2004, at 11:05 AM, Ken wrote:
> Jim,
> I'm not sure that I share your feelings about using the remote with a
> main system (I do and find it quite convenient), but I agree with you
> about using iTunes to control the device. While the Slim guys did a
> very good job on the default web interface, its not really a
> replacement for the excellent iTunes music browser for basic music
> selection. I'd venture to say that this is *the* selling point of the
> Roku device, and I know several folks that have ordered it in lieu of
> a Squeezebox specifically because of the iTunes integration (in spite
> of my strong endorsement of the SB).
> In any case, I think you should hang on to the SB see if you get used
> to it in your house. I've found that with all it provides, its become
> fairly indispensable to me.
> Ken
> Jim McCall wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am enjoying following this list (and it is a fun way of avoiding
>> work...)
>> I am not sure that the squeezebox is the right thing for me. Right
>> now I am in the hemming and hawing phase deciding whether I would put
>> the money into an ipod and use that as my upstairs device. I probably
>> ought to sell the SB and I would rather do it here than on ebay.
>> Why am I thinking it doesn't work? I would rather use itunes while at
>> my computer, for one. For two, I just don't feel an affinity with
>> using the remote and the squeezebox while in my living room.
>> Contact me if you wish. I have a squeezebox that I just installed the
>> new graphic display. It is in impeccable condition.
>> I live in san francisco.
>> Jim