View Full Version : Web browser plugin to play online content

2010-12-17, 09:14
Whenever I'm browsing the web and stumble across content that I want to listen to, I need to right click the link, copy it, open SBS web UI, choose the appropriate Squeezebox player, paste the link in the web UI, and click Play.

What I want is to be able to right click a link (to a stream, podcast, MP3, or other audio content) and get a context menu where I can choose to "Play on Squeezebox: Bedroom Boom" or "Play on Squeezebox: Living room Receiver", "Add to playlist on Squeezebox: Bedroom Boom", etc.

Does a plugin or other extension for this exist? Firefox compatible? (I know there has been something called SqueezeFox, but it seems to exist no more, and I don't know if it ever did what I want to do.)

2011-01-11, 11:09
I'm looking for this too...it would be very handy!