View Full Version : The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has changed its streams

2010-12-17, 04:54
When trying to listen to NRK Radio via my SB, I only get a repeating message:

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has changed the live radio streaming services. Please go to nrk.no/tjenester/lyd to find the new streams. If you're listening to radio via an application on your cell phone, you'll have to update the application to receive the radio channels. Good luck!

Will this be automatically updated in SBS? (And what about MySB.com which I almost never use?).

Is there anything I can do to speed up that process? Where does SB get its radio station lists from?

2010-12-17, 05:03
Radiotime ? contact them I think SBS relies a lot of their collations

2010-12-17, 05:10
Thanks. I've now sent a message to Radiotime via their "Contact us" form.