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2010-12-16, 06:36
At some point recently I lost access to internet radio on my Duet. Symptoms include:

** On the remote, going to Internet Radio, then anything (Staff Picks, Local, Music, etc), just gives me a spinner, and nothing happens.

** Accessing the server through my Mac (I use fishbone interface), the "source" pull-down in the upper left (that starts with "---Music Library---") only has "Tune in URL" under "---Internet Radio---".

** Trying to tune in directly (e.g. to www (dot) kcrw (dot) org/asx/kcrwmusic.asx, but I've tried a bunch of others) doesn't produce any error message/pop-up, but I don't get any audio.

** Only happens with library set to my Mac. When it's set to mysqueezebox.com, I get audio.

Is there a setting on on the server I can check. Something to look for in the logs?

Help much appreciated!


2010-12-16, 06:49
yes you have a mysqueebox.com tab in the settings .

here you should put in your login credentials for mysqueezebox.com .

Then same ones you use to login to the mysqueezebox.com webpage

Then your local Squeeboxserver can use mysqueeezebox.com in the background for internet radio and apps.

Also use a recent server version >7.4 to be sure that it works reliable.

2010-12-20, 05:39
Work! Don't know how it lost the login info... but thanks!