View Full Version : SqueezePlay rebuffering on 24/96?

the nightfly
2010-12-15, 15:11
While I don't have a Squeezebox yet, I've got my music collection organized and entered into Squeezebox Server and am using SqueezePlay beta to access it on my (Windows XP with Athlon 64 dual-core 5600+ and SATA hard drives) computer.

I recently downloaded the HDTracks 24/96 sampler. Great sound! But...when I try playing those FLACs, even with just SqueezePlay on my computer, I get the music stopping to rebuffer every minute or so. Note that this is not a matter of WiFi communication between the computer and some other device -- although I would assume that Squeezebox Server is sending the data through the network (between my computer and itself?), it's all being done either internally in my computer or, at worst, going to and from my router via Ethernet.

I've checked my computer's performance, and, when these rebuffers occur, there is no spike in CPU usage (which remains at 20-30%). Everything seems to be running normally, except for the rebuffer problem. I should add that I can play 16/44 FLACs with no problem. Also, I can play these 24/96 FLACs with MediaMonkey without any rebuffering.

Is there some sort of known problem with SqueezePlay that would cause this, or any workaround on my computer that would help? Otherwise, I'm assuming that, if SqueezePlay running internally has problems with 24/96 files, a Squeezebox Touch running off WiFi would have at least as severe a problem. Before I spend the money on a Touch, I'd like to know: am I basically condemned to 16/44 audio, or is there some reason to hope that 24/96 performance is attainable (without, say, having to spring for a new computer to do so)?

2010-12-15, 18:54
Not sure about your issue with SqueezePlay but I can confirm that the Touch can play 24/96 without any buffer issues. My Squeezebox Server is running under Win XP on a dual-core Atom. Server is wired; Touch is wireless.

2010-12-15, 23:21
24/96 works fine on hardware players . I play such files every week.
If using FLAC try to keep the encoding level at -5 or less not -8 .

SqueePlay is a beta that doesn not really work in some circumstances it's noturius for serving music in the "wrong format" or on the wrong sound-card etc.

Btw if your servers is up to it (atom or similar) older squeezeboxes can enjoy 24/96 to with transcoding to 24/48 .

I do have a wired Touch and my server is also wired I did try 24/96 wireless it also worked.
When the Touch was new there was a problem with a skip in the first track when running it over wifi for 24/96 this should have been resolved.

But pulling a wire was not that hard soo mine is wired since then..

the nightfly
2010-12-16, 00:58
FWIW, I tried another test and, instead of running SqueezePlay on the same machine as the server, ran it on a laptop connected via WiFi (and, to be extra-cautious, in the same room as the Touch would be located). It played the HDTracks demo without a hitch, so I guess the problem came about when trying to run SqueezePlay on Squeezebox Server's host machine. Maybe running the client and server together maxed-out a crucial WinXP service or something. In any event, since I could get it to play on another machine, having it stream 24/96 to a Touch over my WiFi network should be no problem (knock on wood).