View Full Version : Server Upgrade Woes - Should have known better.

2004-09-06, 19:02
>>> sbb (AT) panix (DOT) com 9/6/2004 11:44:52 AM >>>
>Say I buy a copy of DOOM 3 because the box shows a picture with
>graphic detail and lighting effects (or perhaps I watched a trailer on
>DOOM 3 web site). I get the game home, install it, and discover that
>although I have a super fast PC and graphics card, the version I
>only has "pretty good" graphics, but nothing spectactular, and maybe
>only has stereo sound, not surround sound. If I want any of the above,
>have to go to the developer area of the web site and find a "nightly"
>build and hope it doesn't introduce more problems than it solves. Or
>have to wait.

Or go buy Spiderman 2 for the PC. Then you'll be pleasantly proven
slightly incorrect in what you've just said. The box features screen
shots from the XBOX version which is VERY nice, but the PC version
is not much more than a bad version of a little kids game.
No chance for upgrade, and because you've opened the software,
no chance for return either. I was fortunate enough to read a
review that pointed this out before I purchased, but a few friends
got burned with this little tactic.

Happy using all the standard, non-fancy features of SBG. I'm even
happier that I'm not having to dig through all my CDs, tapes and
albums (plus all the mp3s) to find a song.