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2010-12-14, 17:51
I've been experiencing very slow performance from my Windows Home Server. I haven't been able to pinpoint what the problem is, but it is adversely affecting the performance of Squeeze Center. I can easily access files on the Windows Home Server, so the thought came to mind - why not install an inexpensive headless machine on my network with the sole purpose of running the Squeezebox Server software? Anyone ever try that? I would like to have "snappy" performance with my music library.

2010-12-14, 18:08
I guess that is exactly what all the plug users do... or those of us that have keep a atom running... see my sig

Ron Olsen
2010-12-14, 21:11
Check out the VortexBox Appliance: http://vortexbox.org/buy

Here's a review:

I've been using one for the past year to run SqueezeBox Server feeding two Transporters and two Duet Receivers. Works extremely well, not just as a music server, but as a media server (music, photos, video).

2010-12-17, 08:59
And depending on your comfort zone with respect to installing hardware and software, you may be able to make Vortexbox Appliance (VBA) equivalent (or better) for less money. A couple years ago I bought an MSI Wind nettop "barebones" that is the same hardware platform as the VBA, added RAM and a hard drive, installed Ubuntu and saved at least $100 compared to the VBA. And now that same money will buy a more powerful CPU and bigger HDD. But if you want something that works right out of the box, then VBA is a good choice.

If you want to go really small then the Sheevaplug/Squeezeplug is another good route.

2010-12-17, 18:30
It should run fine on WHS, assuming the box isn't overloaded or busy doing a lot of other things. What are the specs?

2010-12-22, 08:41
As always:

VortexBox is free software.

VortexBox Appliance is a computer running VortexBox that is sold rather than you're doing a DIY computer.

"Old" PIII at 700Mhz or better or P4 1.66Ghz or better will run VortexBox ably if you have a Gigabyte of memory. Faster/older machines will work with 512MB's but the more the merrier.

That said, VortexBox is extremely fast running on a dedicated machine compared to any version of windows on that same machine.

I am running a virtual machine VortexBox on an AMD dual core (2.5Ghz) machine. I give it 512MB of memory and only allow it one processor. It scans my library (on a 1GB ethernet NAS) twice as fast as the windows SBS running on a Pentium Dual core (3GHz/3Gb memory) that has free run of the full machine.

The webGUI is very much faster as well.

In short, even running in a "limited" VM on a windows machine, VortexBox will drive squares around the windows SBS on the same machine.